Thomas Fritz: Instrumente 
2001 Sadowsky  NYC Custom  5-String Bass,  Made in USA
Sadowsky Bass NYC Custom 2001

Played by Bassman Hugh McDonald
  on final
Bon Jovi concert at Meadowland
for VH1 special broadcast
  on youtube
Time 1:20:00

Style: Vintage JP 5 string
Finish: Sea Foam Green
Wood: Alder
Fingerboard: Brazilian Rosewood
w/h matching Headstock
Pickguard: W-B-W
Hardware: Chrome
Pickups: Sadowsky
P/J Combination Humcancelling
Serial # 3548
Sadowsky Preamp with
Custom Pickup Balance,
Bass and Treble Boost and
Vintage Sound Control, passive Option
Safety Locks

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1956 Framus Star-Bass 4-String BassMade in Germany

1956 Framus Star-Bass 4-String Bass

Built in June 1956 (F56 on Back of the Head)
Serial Nr. 24243  No Modeltype was named

Sold to first Owner Mr. Billy Lorento in 1956
Second Owner was Helmut Flohr from Baden-Baden/Germany
1959 or 1960 was it sold to the third Owner who told me everything
he knew about this
Instrument .
Color: Honeyburst
Shortscale Neck 30"
Pickups: 2 Framus mounted on a mixer with
2 Volume and 2 Tone-Controls

Fully Working on Old Flatwound-Strings

No Cracks just the Endpin is missing

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1999 Sadowsky  NYC Custom  4-String Bass,  Made in USA

Sadowsky Bass NYC Custom 1999

Sold to first Owner on Sadowsky Broadway Workshop 1999 Custom
Serial Nr. 3023
Color: Sherwood Green (einer von den Ersten in dieser Farbe)
Body Jazz Bass Shape: Elder
Neck Precision Bass Mesures: Maple/Maple
Pickups: Sadowsky P/J Combination
Sadowsky Preamp with Custom Pickup Balance,
Bass and Treble Boost and
Vintage Sound Control
Safety Locks

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Alembic Distillate, Series II  4-String Bass, Short Scale Model Made in USA

Alembic Distillate, Series II  Bass 

4-String, Short Scale Model - 30,75" scale,
Neck: Ebony Fingerboard with oval Inlays, Red Side LED's, Chrome Machine Heads,
Wood: Hawaiian flamed Koa, Series
2 Electronics, 2AXY Pickups,  Vol, Low-Pass filter With Continuously Variable Q For Each Pickup Plus PU Sel. Switch and Master Volume;
Weights 5,0 kg incl. Power Supply, Flightcase

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Original Fender Stratocaster 57 Reissue Made in USA

Fender Stratocaster 57 Reissue Made in USA
von 1986 in 2-Tone-Sunburst mit Tweedkoffer eine der Ersten, die auf den Markt kamen. Bestückt mit DiMarzio HS noiseless Stack-Pickups - die Original Pickups sind auch vorhanden!

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1986 Lowden Westernguitar
Jumbo-Type Model L25 Made in Ireland
Handmade in Northern Ireland
  Early 1986 Ser.-No. 68
East Indian Rosewood (Palisander)
  Cedar (Zeder)
Palisander Mahagony
5-fach verleimter Hals Mahagony Palisander, Ebenholzgriffbrett, Zedern Decke. Breiter reicher und kristallklarer Sound, sehr lautes und damit ideales Soloinstrument für die Bühne. Mit orig. Lowden Koffer. Gefertigt Anfang 1986. Seriennummer 68. Eine seltene und sehr schöne klangvolle Top Gitarre.

Refretted Febr. 2008 von Alfred/Rockshop

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1973 Fender "Jazz Bass"  4-String Bass

Fender Jazzbass ,
natural finish, maple neck, aus dem Jahre 1973, ein echtes rare and vintage Instrument. Hals und Steg durch moderne Versionen Schaller bridge, ersetzt.
 Frets, nut, truss rod, pickguard, finish, pots, pick-up, mechanics etc. sind 100% original. 
Die Seriennummer ist 368633XX.


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1983 Custom "Fritz 4-String Bass"

Airbrush by Claude Bonnin
Maya Maple Neck laquered
J+P Active-MEC Pickups
Schaller goldplated Hardware
 (No. 1 of  1)


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Bonin 4- String-Bass

Walther 3/4 Uprightbass
w/h Fishman Double-PU-System
Glockenklang Bass-Art Top 400 W/Rms

Glockenklang "Take Five"
800 W/Rms 4x10" Speaker+Horn

Glockenklang-Take-Five Speaker 4x10+Horn

SWR Workingmans 12"
Bass-Combo 80 Watts/RMS

1960/70s Gibson Blouson
Les Paul-Logo on the Backside

SWR Workingmans 12" Bass-Combo
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Gibson Blouson 1960s
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